Frogs! Here at YF Link we take pride in being a community-run project delivering community-driven DeFi services. From LINKSWAP to LINKPAD to LINKSMAS, all of YF Link’s products and campaigns were seeds that germinated from passionate community members wanting to add value to the YF Link ecosystem.

Now another idea has germinated: say hello to SPROUT!

A significant driver of volume on DEXs is from newly listed tokens, having the potential to generate significant volume during the launch period (as we’ve seen with LINKSWAP’s first exclusive token listing MASQ). To capitalize on this YF Link will be launching SPROUT, its very own token presale platform!

SPROUT will also focus on the long-term health of a project by leveraging LINKSWAP investor security features such as RugLock. This will ensure that new projects can generate sustainable and locked liquidity that is so important for early projects. The locked liquidity through RugLock has the added benefit of making this an exclusive token launch.

New projects launching through SPROUT will also enter the LINKCHECK verification process, so investors have additional information when making a decision to participate in token launches. Check out the first official LINKCHECK verification of here.

Further seamless integration with LINKSWAP will also be achieved by utilizing the upcoming LINKSWAP feature AutoPool; this feature allows projects to create farming pools directly within the YF Link ecosystem, thus reducing overhead and required dev time.

And of course, SPROUT will accept presales to be completed with LINK.

Like all other projects in the YF Link Ecosystem, SPROUT adds value for governance vault stakers by collecting a fee from sales and redistributing a portion of these fees to stakers and treasury. And to additionally reward stakers of YFL, anyone who holds yYFL - the YF Link governance vault staking token - will obtain early access to all sales.

A 2% fee will be charged on all raised funds and the standard LINKSWAP listing fee. The fee will be used to buy back YFL and distributed as follows:

● 40% to YFL Governance

● 20% to YFL treasury

● 20% LINKPAD treasury

● 20% to the SPROUT development team Theoretical Trader & 6PathSage to continue maintenance and development of v2

In addition to this, 1% of the total presale token supply shall be distributed to YFL Governance stakers.

The vision of the YF Link ecosystem is to be a one-stop DeFi shop for newcomers and experienced swappers, so SPROUT will have an intuitive and easy to use user interface for both investors and project founders. The website will contain a list of all ongoing and upcoming presales, project ratings, project roadmaps, and other metadata to inform potential investors. In addition to the list of available presales, there will be a presale request area for new project owners to onboard for the platform.

Presales can be participated in with LINK, ETH and a still to be determined stablecoin. Our recent Wyre integration already makes it possible to directly purchase ETH and LINK on LINKSWAP, so SPROUT will further harmonize the DeFi experience on our platform enabling YF Link to cover the full spectrum from participating in presales, to trading, farming and even lending.

Please consult the SPROUT proposal here on the YF Link governance forum for additional in-depth information. After a period of review, the proposal will go on-chain for a vote.








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