UPDATE: Due to a Smart Contract error, the Chainlink VRF function was unable to determine a random winner. We reported this issue to the Chainlink team here. But good news! We have fixed the error, reviewed the contract, and are redeploying the event on a new timeline, beginning again with DRC/ETH on 12/16 at 12AM UTC. All you need to do is hold the LP token on the day of the raffle or have it staked in a rewards vault and re-enter. Note: Unfortunately, due to this error and the trustless method we have ensured, the treasury funds for the NFTs are not recoverable from the previous contract. @Roy has covered these costs for now, but will be putting up a proposal to cover for the costs of redeployment.


We’re excited to announce a special event to celebrate the LINKSWAP launch. Get ready for the 12 Days of LINKSMAS!

Santa Sergey checking on the good boys and girls providing liquidity on LINKSWAP

During the holiday season, we are encouraged to reflect upon what we’re thankful for and to give back. Throughout these past few months, we’ve received overwhelming support and involvement from our incredible YF Link community. We’re so thankful for our frens and want to share our holiday cheer!

Starting on December 16th at 12am UTC, during each day of the 12 Days of LINKSMAS, anyone who is participating in that day’s dedicated liquidity pool can enter the raffle to receive an NFT that will act like a raffle ticket. This NFT is yours to cherish forever at https://yflink.io/#/linksmas-2020.

Your ticket to LINKSMAS, by @cryptomemez

However, one of those NFT raffle tickets will turn out to be so much more: the winning ticket at the end of each day's drawing!

Winning tickets will each be a special animated NFT that’s unique to that day’s pair and is full of the LINKSMAS spirit! Not only that, these LINKSMAS NFTs will each be backed by 1 YFL. Plus BONK, DRC, MASQ and SERGS have all volunteered to add bonus tokens as rewards to their pairs!

These are the eligible days and pools for LINKSMAS:

The 12 Days of LINKSMAS

  • Day 1: 12/16 – DRC/ETH
  • Day 2: 12/17– ZUT/LINK
  • Day 3: 12/18 – LAYER/ LINK
  • Day 4: 12/19 – MASQ/ETH
  • Day 5: 12/20 – RUGZ/LINK
  • Day 6: 12/21 – SERGS/LINK
  • Day 7: 12/22 – AAVE/LINK
  • Day 8: 12/23 – yUSD/ETH
  • Day 9: 12/24 – SNX/LINK
  • Day 10: 12/25 – Christmas - LINK/ETH
  • Day 11: 12/26 – BONK/ETH
  • Day 12: 12/27 – LINKSMAS - YFL/LINK

Of course, as a LINK-inspired platform, we will be one the earliest giveaways utilizing Chainlink’s VRF function to randomly select the winners.

Short answer: It’s Chainlink - it’s the standard.

Long Answer: When entering any sort of lottery or raffle, you need to trust that it’s not rigged in some way. Chainlink VRF now eliminates this need for trust by generating randomness with proof that can be verified on-chain. No parties involved can manipulate the results because fair randomness is guaranteed, and everybody can prove it. No parties can back out and remove their funds because it’s all secured on a smart contract

We want to continually raise the bar for  trust and transparency here at YF Link. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront and use this secure source of provable randomness to determine our winners.

You can learn more about Chainlink VRF here!

How 12 Days of LINKSMAS will work

Eligible pairs only require 1 LP token to receive a raffle ticket on the day of its raffle. To receive a ticket and enter, all you need to do is hold that LP token or have it staked in the rewards vault on its raffle day. You only need to enter once when that specific raffle is live. Once that period is over, you can see if you can claim the day’s prize. Here’s a further breakdown:

Step 1 – Swap and/or Pool your tokens on LINKSWAP

  • Visit LINKSWAP and go to SWAP
  • Select the tokens you want to trade from one of our many launch pairs.
  • Note: you will need an equal amount of each token to provide liquidity.
  • Click on Pool, then Add Liquidity.
  • Determine the amount to provide liquidity with.
  • Approve and Confirm the transactions.
  • You will now receive your LINKSWAP LP tokens!

Step 2 - Entering

  • On each day of LINKSMAS, that day’s raffle pool will open at 12am UTC, starting on 12/16/2020.
  • Once you've received your LINKSWAP LP tokens in the pair of your choice, you either need to hold the token of that day or be staking it in the rewards vault.
  • You must have at least 1 LP token for 1 ticket in the raffle pool.
  • If you choose to stake in the LP Rewards vault, please follow the instructions there.
  • Go to https://yflink.io/#/linksmas-2020
  • On the raffle dashboard, select Enter under Today’s raffle
  • Once entered, you should see a NFT token in your address.
  • That’s it! You're in it to win it!

Step 3 – The Drawing

  • The first eligibility period ends at 12am UTC on 12/17/2020, no more entries for that day’s pool will be permitted.
  • The end of the drawing will trigger an on-chain request for randomness from the Chainlink oracle.
  • The Chainlink oracle generates randomness and sends proof to the VRF contract.
  • The VRF node responds and verifies the randomness, thus confirming a random winner.
  • This contract will then automatically change to accepting the next day’s raffle entries.
  • Once the drawing ends, users can unstake their LP token if desired.
  • To find out if you’ve won, select a raffle day and click on Claim.
  • When claiming, the winners will automatically receive their YFL prize.
  • Their NFT can be viewed at https://yflink.io/#/linksmas-2020.

There you have it. This process will repeat for each day, so be sure to check out each day’s pool and provide some liquidity!

Keep an eye on your ticket because after the drawing, yours may turn out to be a winner! We’re just as excited as you are to see who gets a surprise visit from Santa Sergey!

Again, we’d like to thank our dedicated community for helping make the launch of LINKSWAP a massive success. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Have fun and Merry LINKSMAS!


Disclaimer: YF LINK is a community-driven project and has no official affiliation with Chainlink. LINKSWAP is a decentralized protocol and LINKSMAS is an experimental smart contract. Like with any protocols of this nature, using the LINKSWAP protocol or its features may result in the loss of some or all your funds. The YF Link team have made the utmost effort to ensure LINKSWAP’s security but are not liable for any losses.