Great Scott! We are very excited to announce our collaboration with 88MPH!

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88MPH is a platform that offers a unique way for users to participate in DeFi by offering fixed-rate interest in deposits, floating-rate bonds, and passive income generation through single-asset staking. We are working closely with 88MPH to bring more staking and liquidity mining opportunities for $LINK Marines to Linkswap!

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Our collaboration kicks off with a new MPH/LINK pair on Linkswap. This pair will have an active reward pool period of 42 days, with MASSIVE dual rewards of 888 MPH and 325 YFL!

Provide liquidity to MPH/LINK and start earning rewards

We thank 88MPH and 0x_b1 for seeding this reward pool!

On Friday February 19th we’ll be launching a new aLINK staking vault on Linkswap, powered by 88MPH. We are integrating 88MPH’s single-sided staking vault so Linkswap users can stake their aLINK v1 through the Linkswap staking interface here and start earning fixed-rate APY and $MPH rewards!

Keep an eye out for announcements on the aLINK vault launch.

Learn more about the 88MPH fixed-interest rate staking vaults

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88MPH theme

And what is a Linkswap collaboration without an amazing theme to go with it? Fly through time and space with the new 88MPH custom skin on Linkswap!

Trade $MPH on Linkswap








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