Is it possible to resist the power of DOGE?

At YF Link, we don’t think so. And we don’t beat around the bush about it. That’s why we’ve integrated renDOGE minting and burning on LINKSWAP through RenVM (shout out to Ren and OpenDAO for making this possible).

We also added renDOGE/ETH and renDOGE/LINK pairs. You like?

Minting renDOGE

So, how do you finally get your DOGE into DeFi? Simple, you mint renDOGE with it. Check this out:

1/ Go to and connect your ERC-20 wallet (Don't have ETH yet? Buy here)

2/ Click renDOGE

3/ Click ‘Mint’

4/ Send your DOGE to the dynamically generated address below (note this address is only valid for 24 hours)

5/ Now wait until your DOGE arrives at the Ethereum Blockchain and you see a button to finally send your renDOGE to your ERC-20 wallet (note minting can take up to 30 minutes)

Put your renDOGE to work

OK, now you have renDOGE, what the hell do you do with it? Well, if you have ETH or LINK too you can provide liquidity to the new renDOGE pairs we just launched on LINKSWAP here:



Then you start earning fees from renDOGE trading volume on LINKSWAP.

Trade it, swing it. Or mint a stablecoin with it at OpenDAO.


Burn renDOGE

Now you want your DOGE back because you’re tired of making bank in DeFi with your renDOGE? We can’t imagine that, but ok. Just do the reverse by burning your renDOGE for DOGE.

1/ Click ‘Burn’ (or don’t)

2/ Enter the amount of renDOGE you want to burn and the recipient DOGE address (you sure about this?)

3/ Click ‘Burn’ and approve the transaction in your wallet

4/ You’ll receive the corresponding amount of DOGE in the DOGE wallet address you entered


Of course, you don’t want to do all this on a boring AF interface. So we’ve added new themes on LINKSWAP for DOGE and Ren. Much wow.

DOGE theme

Ren theme

That's it.








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