Frogs! You know how the saying goes, right? "A week in DeFi is a month in real time." So on this Valentine’s Day we’d like to take a moment to review some of the highlights of this past week at Linkswap.

First the big stuff:

New Core Team

A new Core Team has taken over operations at Linkswap. Long-time community members Palis, Morty and Linkie Link are leading the charge into a new phase of development.

Read more about the Core Team and Roadmap here

RenVM integration

Linkswap is working with the Ren protocol team to integrate their Ren bridge technology and continue to develop our cross-chain compatibility. Additional bridges will be integrated soon. This is our biggest partnership to date!

Read more about the RenVM integration here

First rewards distribution

This past week, the first round of rewards was distributed to governance vault stakers. A big piece of the Linkswap ecosystem puzzle is now in place. We have activated the purchaser contract, which will market-bought about 124.2 YFL. We have then sent the YFL to the yYFL contract for distribution to stakers, increasing the yYFL price. Unstaking YFL will claim your rewards as your yYFL is converted back to staked YFL + distribution.

Go the the governance vault here

Any-to-any swaps

This is a big one! From the launch of Linkswap a design decision had been made to offer ETH and LINK swapping. Later another base pair was added YFLUSD, our very own stablecoin developed by big brained community members Tec and Linkie Link. After also fixing the Linkswap router, we now have the ingredients for effective routing through these base pairs and have finally been able to launch the long-awaited any-to-any token swaps!

Swap any-to-any token on Linkswap here

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3rd highest volume day

Yesterday we had our third highest volume day! And we are on track to continue this trend today.

More cool stats on Linkswap volume and top pairs here

And of course we’d also like to mention these important updates:

YFLUSD seignorage events

We finished the script to execute the allocateSeigniorage call needed to process the seigniorage events daily. Since it has not executed successfully the last couple of days, we are seeding the YFLUSD system with 13,000 YFLUSD so that bond holders can redeem their bonds the next time the TWAP is above $1.05 on the Bond page.

Please visit the YFLUSD bonds page here audit green score

Linkswap has been audited by with the green score of low risk! has experienced technicians checking contracts for vulnerabilities and malicious functions. They're also building a toolkit for DeFi, and work as a community hub for farming frogs around the web.

Check out the audit here

And give them a follow on Twitter here

UNI-v2 LP staking on Linkswap

Our friends over at MFG have launched a reward pool on Linkswap! And not just any pool, this pool is vor UNI-V2 LP staking. Up until recently, only staking with LSLP’s was possible, but now we also support Uniswap LP staking.

Go to the Linkswap LP staking page here

And speaking of staking, our interface has been updated to now show all the reward pools active on Linkswap, including the YFLUSD and sYFL pools!

Through the tireless work of Linkswap community members and integration specialists bug and Rick Sazarov, we are now easily searchable on Metamask when adding new tokens!

That’s it for now. Lots more ahead. Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️








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