Frogs! We are proud to announce that Linkswap is working with Ren protocol to fully integrate their RenVM technology for cross-chain compatibility!

Ren is an open protocol that enables the movement of assets between blockchains, enabling the wider blockchain space to take advantage of the passive income opportunities in DeFi on the Ethereum blockchain.

After the success of the renDOGE integration, we will continue to use RenVM technology to increase the virtual cross-chain compatibility of Linkswap by integrating all Ren protocol bridges: renBTC, renBCH and renZEC. This will allow users to exit or enter ETH liquidity from these other blockchains. Linkswap will work closely with the Ren team to become the location in DeFi to access bridges to Ren supported chains.  

Since its launch, the renDOGE/ETH pair has consistently performed in the top 3 pairs in terms of 24hr volume on Linkswap and has the deepest liquidity across all DEXs - more than twice the liquidity on Uniswap!

Trade renDOGE on Linkswap here

The Ren protocol team has expressed they are impressed with the enthusiasm with which the Linkswap community has embraced their products.They have emphasized that they will continue to collaborate with us as we achieve deeper integration of their technology on Linkswap. So stay tuned!

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About Ren
Ren is an open protocol that enables the movement of value between blockchains.
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