Frogs! We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Secret Network to bring privacy to the YF Link ecosystem!

Secret Network is a first-of-its-kind, open-source blockchain that provides data privacy by default. While blockchains have the promise to create a more open and sustainable Internet, they've been held back by one major flaw: they expose all your data to everyone.

A better Internet must protect data privacy and give users and organizations control over how their data is used and shared. Secret is a decentralized network that finally solves this problem of privacy, helping to secure and scale the decentralized web.

The Secret team has added support for YFL to their bridge, enabling YFL holders to port their YFL to and from Secret Network. We are also working with the Secret team to integrate some key features into Linkswap, furthering our interoperability and cross-chain ambitions.

Secret Bridge & Vaults

We have integrated the Secret Bridge on Linkswap. Similar to our work with Ren protocol, we are giving Linkswap users access to the Secret bridge straight from the Linkswap user interface.

Go to the Secret Network bridges on Linkswap here

With the bridging users can create a secret version (SNIP20) of YFL: secretYFL. With this secretYFL, users will be eligible to farm secretSCRT rewards by staking in the Secret vault on Linkswap!

In addition to the bridge, we have added the secretLINK and secretYFL vaults into the Linkswap UI. To achieve this, we have also integrated Keplr Wallet Connector into our UI, adding the first multiwallet connector to Linkswap!

Go to the Secret Network vaults on Linkswap here

This creates a seamless experience where users can bridge between Linkswap and Secret without needing to navigate between multiple sites, as well as participate in single-sided secretLINK (estimated APY ~ 9%) and secretYFL staking (APY ~ 37%).

There are $SCRT rewards active now for staking bridged YFL!


The Secret Team has also recently launched SecretSwap, the first privacy-focused DEX. SecretSwap allows users to trade any secret token for any other. It works like Linkswap, but with added privacy features.

Use your secretYFL to provide liquidity on Secretswap here!

For example, because smart contracts on Secret Network have encrypted inputs, outputs, and state, miners are not able to front-run any orders submitted to the SecretSwap. Tokens that users buy on SecretSwap can be transferred with privacy on Secret Network or sent over bridges back to native chains (including Ethereum). Network fees for interacting with SecretSwap are paid in SCRT, like all other secret contracts.

We’re very excited to continue our collaboration with Secret Network!








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