Frogs! Linkswap has now integrated additional RenVM bridges, increasing our cross-chain compatibility!

After the success of the renDOGE bridge, we have moved ahead and integrated these bridges:

BTC <> renBTC

BCH <> renBCH

ZEC <> renZEC

FIL <> renFIL

In addition to DOGE, you can now use the integrated RenVM bridges on Linkswap to easily move your BTC, BCH, ZEC and FIL to Ethereum. These bridges are the latest v2.0.3 recently launched by Ren.

Go to the Linkswap RenVM bridges here

Ren is an open protocol that enables the movement of assets between blockchains, enabling the wider blockchain space to take advantage of the passive income opportunities in DeFi on the Ethereum blockchain. Read more about how Ren works here.

And we’re not stopping here! Other Ren bridges currently in the works for integration on Linkswap are:


DGB <> renDGB

The Linkswap core team continues to work closely with Ren protocol to achieve cross-chain compatibility, breaking down barriers beyond Ethereum and across the blockchain space.

Start your DeFi journey with the Linkswap RenVM bridges here

Stay tuned, much more to come!

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About Ren
Ren is an open protocol that enables the movement of value between blockchains.
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