Frogs! The Great Waffle Competition community game hosted by Linkswap & Harmony is now live on-chain and available to play! Bake your best waffle in our Waffle House and win a grand prize of $5,000 in $ONE tokens!


The folks over at Harmony have developed an EVM compatible chain that hooks up to existing Ethereum infrastructure and bridges assets over to the low-fee Harmony chain. After being awarded a grant by the Harmony team, we started cooking our own experiments on Harmony!

Waffle House is a community game that utilizes the Harmony scaling solution and is one part competition and one part demo of what is possible on the Harmony chain.

How it Works

The basics of the game are simple - users will interact with the Harmony chain to create digital waffles that are fully customizable and shareable. In order to create said delicacies, you’ll need to supply some $1YFL (wrapped YFL on Harmony) and $ONE tokens.

Go to and start makin’ waffles!

The baking period for waffles is 24 hours, during which you’ll have to send your ingredients with the proper timing in order to bake your unique creation. Users will be able to create as many waffles as they like - and customize them with our built-in waffle builder.

Adding ingredients, layers, and other customizations triggers more “baking” periods in which the user will again have to send ingredients by confirming transactions with proper timing. Should you mess up a timing, you’ll BURN your waffle - but not to worry, you can always make another!

Waffle House has been audited by Certik Foundation, please find the audit report here


The basic components of our Waffle House waffles are $1YFL and $ONE tokens. YFL holders will be able to send their YFL through the Harmony bridge to the Harmony chain to mint $1YFL, where they will then be able to combine it with their ONE to bake their waffles.

Use the Harmony bridge here

Crossing this bridge from Ethereum to Harmony will cost gas, so the nice people at Harmony will reimburse the first 50 users for the trip!


But we know that with Ethereum fees being so high that minting $1YFL and interacting with the bridge would just be too expensive - that’s why we’ve gone ahead and created a small liquidity pool over on Swoop, the custom Harmony DEX for ONE/1YFL. All you need to do is have some ONE on the Harmony network and you can get everything you need to get started!

Go to Swoop here

To get y’all into the waffle making business, the Harmony community will also airdrop $6 worth of $1YFL to the first 100 users who uses the Harmony bridge and Swoop between March 4th and 8th. That way you can make a waffle or two. For using the bridge the first 50 people will also be reimbursed the gas costs of migrating YFL from Ethereum to Harmony as well.


All this waffle making ain’t for nothing of course! Users will be able to vote on any waffles other than their own - provided they have successfully baked at least one waffle themselves. The idea here is to vote on other waffles you think are truly original, delicious, or just plain funny.

We’ve also set up some cool prizes for winners to kick things off, including a $5,000 prize in $ONE tokens to the grand prize winner with the most votes, as well as some epic NFTs developed by the BONK team in collaboration with Cryptomemez.

The grand prize increases every time as users burn their waffles - so the more people you invite (and the more waffles they burn!) the higher the pot at the end becomes. So tell your friends!

There’s lots more to Waffle House than meets the eye, so come on over and enjoy our community game. Let’s get baking!







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