Frogs! After the release of LINKSWAP - our next-gen Automated Market Maker geared towards the LINK community, we never want to stop pushing the boundaries of what it means to be "next-gen".

Therefore, YF Link is proud to announce our partnership with CyberFi!

CyberFi is a layer 2 DeFi solution for Automation and Complex Trading. CyberFi's first implementation for LINKSWAP is going to allow users to automatically add and remove liquidity based on price triggers. Creating a strategy and having a risk management layer around LP Tokens is incredibly valuable as the ecosystem continues to grow.

Through managing entry and exit into LP Tokens CyberFi's solutions allow users to counter impermanent loss, complementing LINKSWAP's SlipLock feature. Users are often faced with quick market movements that make controlling their LP positions difficult, and the CyberFi solution is handy - automating management of LP tokens based on the movements of the underlying tokens will allow users to pre-set adding and removing liquidity to get in on dips and exit on large divergence from their initial entry.

CFi/LINK Pool on LINKSWAP and Staking Rewards

Furthermore, a new CFi/LINK Pool will be live today on LINKSWAP!  CyberFi will also be seeding the pool with CFI and LINK, with additional staking rewards to the tune of 10,000 $CFi over the next 30 days.

Trade CFi/LINK on LINKSWAP here! (Make sure you select LINK and connect your wallet)

LINKSWAPxCyberFi Cyberpunk 2077 Giveaway

To celebrate this occasion, CyberFi will be running a major giveaway of 50 copies of CyberPunk 2077,  the most anticipated (and delayed) game of 2020!  Over the next 7 days CyberFi will be giving out 50 copies of Cyberpunk 2077 to LP stakers of CFi/LINK on LINKSWAP.

This is how it's going to work - the first 3 days CyberFi will be giving away 10 copies of CyberPunk every 24 hours. The next 4 days they will give away 5 copies every 24 hours.

CyberFi will randomly snapshot holdings staked in the CFi/LINK Pool on the LINKSWAP LP Rewards website. You’ll need to stake for at least 18 hours to be eligible for the participation in the LINKSWAPxCyberFi Cyberpunk 2077 Giveaway.

The lottery will be run by the team at CyberFi. All staked holdings will be counted proportionate to the overall size of the pools. Each address will be accounted for with a unique user number with an X amount of Lottery Tickets. The CyberFi team will raffle those roughly every 24 hours and will announce the winners in their telegram chat.

To redeem your prize you will need to message @cyberfitech where they will ask you to send out a very small TX to a specific address to prove that you are the owner of the address and the CyberFi team will then send out a code for the game on the platform you own, either PC, XBOX, PlayStation.


Join our Discord on December 10th at 8pm UTC for an AMA with CyberFi CEO @cybergeralt