Linkmarines! We're pleased to announce our entry in the Yield Wars Season 2 competition! Yield Wars is a DeFi game built to find the strongest and most resilient community of all - whether that's an old guard like Chainlink or new contenders such as Based. YF Link has been entered into the selection process and will be fighting in a round of 32 against enemy combatants for a chance to win WAR tokens!

Yield Wars Overview

We will update this post as we continue throughout the contest with various instructions, guides, and tips on what comes next and how to participate in the upcoming Yield War. Our first challenge will be to win the community vote taking place right on Twitter. All you need to do is vote for $YFL by liking and RTing this tweet:

Once you've shared the tweet with your friends, stand by and await further instructions - the $WAR awaits!

Update 1: We've won the community vote listing and have secured an exclusive WAR rewards pool! More information and instructions found here.