Linkmarines! As part of the community effort in Yield Wars Season 2, we now have a brand new staking pool with exclusive rewards!

To earn your staking rewards, a Balancer pool has been created, with a 90/10 weighting (90% YFL, 10% WAR).

In order to earn WAR staking rewards you'll need:

  • Your YFL
  • A small amount of WAR tokens. WAR can be bought on Uniswap here

Once you're ready, supply liquidity to the Balancer Pool here. Connect your Metamask wallet and click the "Add Liquidity" button.

If you've never supplied liquidity to Balancer, it will ask you to create a proxy contract to manage liquidity - confirm the proxy.

Afterwards, you can unlock your assets (WAR and YFL) through the UI to enable liquidity deposit.

Afterwards, confirm supply liquidity and you'll receive BPT tokens.

Finally, go to the YFL farm on Yield Wars, connect your wallet, and approve/stake your BPT.

That's it! You're now earning WAR.