Frogs! With the imminent release of our next generation Automated Market Maker LINKSWAP, we have taken efforts to ensure a unique trading experience for individuals that also include brand new upcoming projects. Today we are happy to announce that MASQ, an anonymity-tailored platform will be one of the first LINKSWAP exclusive pairs pending the release of their MASQ token:

MASQ is a community-driven project aimed at solving the problem of internet censorship by repressive regimes. The project addresses this problem by building a decentralized mesh network which is also censorship resistant.
By doing so, it will allow content available on the World Wide Web to be accessible to anyone and everyone with an internet connection, all while allowing users to both share internet freedom and have an incentive to dedicate their excess bandwidth to the network.

We are happy to work with MASQ in providing them a place to display trust with their investors through our RugLock feature and collaborate with another community-run and led project. The possibilities of what communities can achieve together are truly endless, and with MASQ, we now offer censorship resistance as a tokenizeable asset to trade on the LINKSWAP platform.

In addition, we will also be creating incentives for the YF Link community to stake tokens and earn MASQ through traditional DeFi farming incentives. We'll make another post on the details as we approach the release of MASQ trading.

LINKSWAP is just around the corner! Learn more about MASQ here.