Frogs! We're pleased to announce the first altcoin launch pair on LINKSWAP - Bonk token! An upcoming NFT project, we will be seeding initial liquidity for BONK/ETH on LINKSWAP, utilizing RugLock as a feature for additional security. In collaboration with BONK, we have also developed a rare, limited edition NFT that will be awarded to individuals who provide liquidity to the BONK/ETH pair on LINKSWAP:

This will be your only chance to acquire this rare BONK x YFL NFT!

There will also be additional rewards to users who provide liquidity to the BONK/ETH pool, more information on this in a later post.

BONK, and the BONK ecosystem as a whole, is much more than just a staking token. Through a carefully crafted rewards system, we found that the ideal function of the staking system was to keep the entry cost low. With staking fees being free to you, the investor, and only having a 10 BONK threshold to become a stakeholder, we felt this was the best way to be all-inclusive for those vested in BONK. The 9% mallet fee is beneficial to the entirety of the stakeholders, as all stakeholders receive 1% of all transactions, but they also receive the 9% of un-stake fees relative to the amount they have invested.
Though BONK's initial approach to market is to have an incentivized program for the token holders, the true bones of the project is going to lie in its NFT (non-fungible token) development. BONK's vision for NFTs are to utilize them in a multifaceted way. This will come from professional artists being able to create commissioned pieces and the community being able to create their own designs that will be traded amongst its internal marketplace. BONK will then further expand into creating games based around the incorporation of a user's NFTs. BONK's aim is simple, we want users to have the best experience possible when they utilize the BONK platform.

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