Frogs! After another great week at Linkswap it’s time to jog your memories with the highlights.

88MPH collaboration

We kicked the week off in style with the launch of our collaboration with 88MPH! 88MPH offers unique single-sided fixed-rate interest staking pools with additional $MPH rewards.

Trade $MPH on Linkswap

We launched the MPH/LINK reward pool with MASSIVE dual rewards of 888 MPH and 325 YFL, active over 42 days (~200% APY)

Provide liquidity to MPH/LINK and start earning rewards

Then on Friday, we closed out the week with the launch of the 88MPH single-sided aLINK v1 staking vault (~14% APY). We will continue to work closely with 88MPH to offer more single-sided fixed-rate staking opportunities for Linkswap users.

Read more in our blog here

DeFi Pulse

Another BIG milestone this week was getting listed on DeFi Pulse! We shot straight to the #7 DEX position, and have been sitting there comfy all week.

In terms of 24hr TVL growth we were even leading the charge at #2 DEX and #3 overall!

Check out our profile page on DeFi Pulse

Getting listed on DeFi Pulse was possible through the tireless work of two Linkswap community members Rick Sazarov and bug. They have documented their adventures in a blog post here.

And thanks to Rick and bug, this week we were also integrated on, securing a top 15 position in overall fee accrual!

Provide liquidity and start earning passive income on Linkswap here!

ATH liquidity

One of the most important metrics of DEX health is liquidity, and in those fundamental terms we are knocking it out of the park, hitting an all time high this week of more than $91 million.

Check out more stats on our info website

0x_b1 NFT competition

This week The Great 0x_b1 NFT Competition started, hosted by MEME. We are honored to be a part of this great list of projects supported by DeFi investor 0x_b1:

Design your dank Linkswap x 0x_b1 NFT and submit to MEME according to the instructions here. Deadline is 25th February midnight EST.

Admire these beautiful entries:

Honorable mentions

Our partnership with 88MPH put us on the radar of @CryptoMessiah:

This interesting analysis of fully diluted value vs total value locked shows we are a top undervalued DeFi project:

That’s it for now. Lots more ahead!








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