We’re pleased to announce that we have been making great progress with the formation and execution of the LINKPAD initiative.

We wanted to take a moment to update you on our progress as well as inform you that we will be submitting a formal governance proposal to make some changes to the protocol fee distributions (as specified within our announcement post) in the near future — be on the lookout for this!

LINKPAD x BlockVenture Partnership

One of the integral aspects of LINKPAD’s model and future success is the sourcing of deal flow for high quality projects that can provide sizable returns for YF Link governance vault stakers.

In order to do so, we have partnered with the BlockVenture Coalition — a consortium of universities and venture capital funds, who work with numerous household-name blockchain investment funds — to help us source high quality deal flow.

The BlockVenture Coalition is an alliance of 41 university blockchain groups and 44 venture capital funds. They’re connecting with ~5 blockchain startups per day, which we’ll be sourcing and reviewing for LINKPAD.

Josh Rager Joins LINKPAD as an Advisor

Along with bringing on BlockVenture, we’re happy to announce that Josh Rager will be joining LINKPAD as an advisor.

If you’ve been on Crypto Twitter, you should know who Josh is. But if you don’t, here’s a recap:

Josh is the co-founder of Blockroots and is an experienced trader and investor in crypto asset markets. He has served on the advisory board for multiple companies including LVL and Glassnode. Josh has a passion to help others by providing a sensible approach to crypto market trading and investing.

Josh has been an active member of the YF Link community since its earliest days. He sees LINKPAD as a promising addition to the YF Link ecosystem and is excited to be joining the team.

We have many more exciting advisors lined up — we will tell you more about them in the coming week.

Brief Update

Since our first announcement post, we have made serious progress in launching LINKPAD, including securing a spot within a seed round for a major player within the Bitcoin-native DeFi sector.

Although we can’t name any names at this time, we will be releasing a separate post at a later date with more details. The project will be included within the YF Link ecosystem in some capacity, and we’re sure you’ll all be excited.

We’re also working on a post outlining our investment thesis and more details regarding the logistics of investment.

As always, we will be active in the Discord. Please shoot us any questions if you have them.