Frogs! We're happy to announce the very last set of LINKSWAP Launch Pairs - the below pairs will all be live on LINKSWAP on the day of release November 25th.


ROPE is a fair launch project with a max supply of 28,000 tokens. ROPE pioneered staking mechanics for non-fungible tokens while utilizing the ERC-1155 Multi Token Standard. Immediately after, introduced a first of it's kind yield farming contract known as the Spindle; for farming fixed supply tokens. They're currently on track to release an on-chain, decentralized artist focused marketplace in q1 of 2021.


Sergs is the gateway token to farm and mint NFTs, in the combos of You,Just and Win. Normal, rare and limited edition NFTs are farmed by users and sold at marketplace such as Opensea. A deflationary model that applies 2.5% transaction fee for each trade that goes to fee treasury. Any amount exceeding 50K SERGS in fee treasury will be burnt until a cap of 110k. Liquidity providers earn the additional fee incentives via LP staking pool.


RUGZ is an NFT/Defi project that aims to bring to light the scams in crypto via blockchain art. We also believe in building strong partnerships to help grow the $RUGZ vision and mission. RUGZ can be used to yield farm for our reward token $ZURU as well as more RUGZ token. $RUGZ can also be staked to earn limited edition and collectible NFTS.

All of the announced LINKSWAP Launch Pairs below: