Frogs! We're pleased to announce our final altcoin launch pair on LINKSWAP - GSWAP token! Part of the Shroom ecosystem for in-game assets, GSWAP is the transactional token designed for the trading of video game items and collectibles, a high-growth industry doing $50B+ in yearly volume that's starting to be disrupted by NFT standards.  As part of this initiative, we will be creating a GSWAP/LINK pair for LINKSWAP that will also have a farming element attached. Users will be able to stake their LINKSWAP LP tokens and receive rewards denominated in both GSWAP and YFL: is a P2P in-game asset exchange leveraging Ethereum standards for fungible and non-fungible tokens. It's 100% community-driven, without central points of control or authority. The DEX will aggregate liquidity from several other DEXes while also offering high throughput, low slippage, and yield farming opportunities for minting videogame assets. The base currencies of the exchange will be GSWAP and ETH, with 60% of the trading fees being routed to GSWAP holders and 30% to SHROOM holders, the meta token of the Shroom ecosystem.
The ultimate goal of Gameswap is bridging gaming items with the vast crypto asset liquidity using a neutral, distributed, and open source layer belonging to the users. All spiced with superior UX and economic incentives for both gamers and game devs.

Read more about GSWAP here.