Frogs! We're pleased to announce another altcoin launch pair on LINKSWAP - DRC token! Dracula Protocol is a yield aggregator that sits atop other popular yield farming projects such as Pickle Finance and Sushiswap. The Dracula team has committed to a RugLock enabled Liquidity Pool in order to utilize the unique features of LINKSWAP and provide users access to another trusted token.

DeFi ecosystem has developed a lot during the recent years. Yield farming and liquidity mining have become a gold standard. However, it’s often associated with immense risks of long-term failure due to inflation, and undercollaterization of tokens.
Meta-level vampirism concept implemented in Dracula protocol delivers higher profits while mitigating those risks. It does so by aggregating all the yield farms and liquidity mining under a single smart-contract and unified web interface. We believe that our solution will help with the stability of the DeFi ecosystem.

Read more about Dracula here.