Frogs! As we near the official live release of LINKSWAP, there are a few notes we'd like to update the community on, including audit, LINKSWAP launch pairs, and more!

We're pleased to report that the Quantstamp audit has now come back for review and finalization.

Changes requested were of minimal risk (with one medium risk issue spotted) with simple fixes made to the codebase to rectify these errors. Edits have already been made to LINKSWAP and the updated code will be submitted to Quantstamp for final review this weekend. This time around the audit will be much faster and we fully expect to launch LINKSWAP within the next few days pending the completion of the security audit. The full v1 report can be found here.

As we near the release of LINKSWAP, we have been slowly releasing a few of the initial Liquidity Pairs that we intend to seed. We are happy to announce that LINKSWAP will be launching with over 10 Liquidity Pairs! As part of our release program, we will also be rewarding select pairs with additional YFL as part of extra staking incentives. Donors and whales have committed up to 1000 YFL as part of this rewards program, currently equivalent to nearly 500'000 USD - available entirely to the LINKSWAP LP community. Users will be able to stake their LINKSWAP LP tokens and receive YFL rewards. Pairs that are part of this program include:




YFL/ETH - 3x rewards

YFL/LINK - 1.5x rewards





Additional Liquidity Pairs include:



... and more!