Frogs! As part of our initiative to onboard additional partners onto LINKSWAP, we are entering an official collaboration with DokiDoki Finance! DokiDoki Finance is an NFT focused platform combining the greatest aspects of gamified reward systems with verifiably rare non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum network.

DokiDoki’s concept is unique in that their GaaS (Gacha as a Service) platform enables any party to mint NFTs with variable rarities and monetize them directly to their audience in a fun & gamified fashion via Gachapon Machines. Detailed Information

The collaboration between the two projects consists of new DOKI/LINK & AZUKI/LINK liquidity pools on LINKSWAP with autopool rewards, a custom LINKSWAP theme, an exclusive YF Link x DokiDoki DeGacha machine, and an NFT auction!

As part of this collaboration, YF Link will be enabling exclusive DOKI/LINK & AZUKI/LINK liquidity pools for individuals to trade the DOKI & AZUKI tokens, the currencies of the DokiDoki system;

$DOKI is the governance & revenue-sharing token of the DokiDoki ecosystem. $AZUKI is the token spent & burned to play the original Gachapon Machines. Both $DOKI and $AZUKI benefit from the growth of the DeGacha Platform.

Users looking to play the Gacha machines will need to source AZUKI, and LINKSWAP will be the only platform that enables this directly for LINK users.

Additionally, the DokiDoki team has committed to a 2250 AZUKI per day reward Autopool for DOKI/LINK & AZUKI/LINK, which will be available on the LINKSWAP rewards front end. Users will be able to supply AZUKI/LINK liquidity and further increase their returns by staking LINKSWAP LP tokens at The promotion will last for 6 months. Rewards for these participating pools is set to begin on January 8th.

LINKSWAP Exclusive Theme

In the spirit of the collaboration, we have also developed an exclusive LINKSWAP theme for the DOKI community, making LINKSWAP the perfect home for DokiDoki community members. This custom theme features original art by the Doki team as well as custom animations. We have also added Japanese as a new language option! Click here to check it out.

The DokiDoki team has been hard at work creating completely original, animated card NFTs featuring Y-Fu and Ser, the YF Link mascots! Rarities for these beautiful NFTs range from Ultra Rare to Legendary, and each tier features different effects and colors. You can participate in the Gacha by purchasing AZUKI tokens from LINKSWAP and playing the unique YF Link x DokiDoki Gachapon machine here. The target launch date for the Gachapon Machine is mid-January. We will keep you updated on when the machine will be available.

Gachapon (ガチャポン) refers to the crazy popular Japanese vending-machine style game in which players deposit coins to receive a capsule-ball containing a randomized collectible. The fun part is that you don't know what you will get! DokiDoki Finance exported the Gachapon phenomenon to the digital world of Ethereum. Rather than physical collectibles, the DeGacha machines are filled with rare & exclusive digital collectibles backed by blockchain technology.

DeGacha is a purely decentralized application built using Ethereum smart contracts, NFTs, and IPFS for storage. These technologies give DokiDoki collectables some really awesome properties such as:

  • Verifiable Ownership & Authenticity (Like art in museums!)
  • Provably scarce and valuable (Super rare!..or common)
  • Unchangeable and permanently available
  • Easily transferred P2P (Buy, sell, transfer - anywhere anytime~)

Check out the full DokiDoki Gachapon tutorial here

Short .GIF TLDR:

Finally, after the wild success of our previous NFT auction, we’ve decided to run another auction for 5 Legendary rarity YF Link x DokiDoki NFTs! The other five will be available through the DeGacha machine on DokiDoki’s platform. The auction will start now on our NFT-auction Discord channel here.

These are the rules for our auction:

1. Bidding will be open for 96h from auction open.

2. Bidding starts at $1 USD

3. The buyout price is going to be done Dutch Auction style where it decreases as vote end approaches. If the buyout price would be adjusted to a price below the current bid, it instead becomes the current bid and the highest bidder at that point wins the auction.

+0-24h = $7777.77

+25-36h =  $6000.00

+37-48h = $5500.00

+49-60h = $4000.00

+61-72h = $3500.00

+73-84h = $2000.00

+85-96h = $1000.00

4. Bids should be in whole-dollar increments of at least $1 USD in size.

5. At auction close, Discord user @Originality will contact you about payment. Payment will be due within 7 days of winning - otherwise the next highest bidder will be provided with the option to purchase the NFT at a price that is the average of their bid and the winning bid.

6. You will have the option to attach as much or as little YFL to your NFT as you would like, so long as that number is not 0 YFL (our SC doesn't like when you try to do that)

Here are the amazing YF Link x DokiDoki NFTs that will be available on the DeGacha machine and our NFT auction: